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Biscuits, Cracker and Cookies

  • 500DL Dough Tilting Machine / View details

    System used to turn dough on feeding hopper.


  • 700MS Automatic Feeding Machine / View details

    Auto feeding system mainly used for portioning dough into small pieces and send them to the feeding machine. (3 roll laminator).

  • 1200EZ Pressing Roll / View details

    Designed for hard biscuits dough sheeting thickness

  • 1200SH Dough Resting Machine / View details

    Arranged to be between roller and rotary cutter thickness, adjusts tightness in dough.

  • 1200GQ Rotary Cutter / View details

    Designed for cutting doughto form shape and patterns of hard biscuit.

  • 1200FL Separating Machine / View details

    Designed for separating the unbaked biscuit and the scrap

  • Recycling Device SZ1200 / View details

    It is designed to recycle the waste and to feed soft cookie dough.

  • Salt and Sugar Sprinkler / View details

    Salt and sugar sprinkler used to spread salt and sugar; or any granular material; equally over de surface of the cookies or crackers and biscuits to improve their taste.

  • Oven in-feed conveyor / View details

    Oven in-feed conveyor is used ot correclty ” pan” the sheeted or formed product into the ovne belt correctly and cna be used for recovery of salt and or sugar if applied before oven. This is ensures no excess of build up of these products inside oven chambers.

  • Oven Belt and Tension System Unit Model LW1200 / View details

    Mainly provides de driving force to the oven belt, drives the mesh belt, this belt can be tightened and adjusted automatically. It counts with functions like mesh cleaning and automatic energy cut with UPS unit.

  • Direct Fire Oven KL1200 Model / View details

    Baking machinery from the cookie line, baking cookies through thermal radiation, these ending up with great taste and color.

  • 1200mm Spiral Conveyor / View details

    1200mm loop conveyer 1200mm wide x 100m large, used for cooling the cookies.

    The new spiral cooling tower type brings the change of cost with constant function and changed structure, which finally causes the change of profits and makes middle and small sized food plants able to afford to buy and use it.

  • PLC Control System / View details

    PLC system used to for complete automatic control of the production line.

  • Oven Output Machine CL1200 Model / View details

    It is used to transport the baked cookies out of the oven.

  • OPEN and Standard Frame Horizontal Dough Mixer / View details

    The new Open frame and solid body horizontal mixers from  BME, LLC are the newest sanitary designs on the market. We can supply  single and double Sigma arm mixers from 100 kg to 1500 kg. Roller bar arm mixers for bread and other products can also be delivered for your needs. The  sanitary desing ensures FDA and USDA approval for any food manufacturing facility. Let us quote your next mixing need and see why more companies are utilizing BME, LLC.

  • Vertical Dough Mixers / View details

    BME, LLC introduces it’s new line of efficient Vertical Cracker mixers. We can custom build for you Single, Double or Triple arm  mixers along with the new open frame mixers for easier sanitation and less bacteria build up. Contact us for your next mixing project and see why more and more clients are utilizing BME, LLC machinery.

  • Vertical Mixer Model XB-300L / View details


    • Made from Stainless Steel T 304, which meets all international hygiene standards.
    • Interface operation: English display of simple operation.
    • It can adapt to the different product requirements due to the fact that stirring speed and time can be adjusted.
    • It has the advantage of homogeneous mixing, the low increase in temperature and a great mixing velocity.
    • It has an excellent capacity of adaptation to material because the mixing bowl can be sealed and so reducing the pressure or increasing the mass inflating.
    • It not only reduces the material loss and environmental pollution, but it also greatly improves the working environment.
    • Electrical Components: Mitsubishi, Delta, allen  Bradley, siemens dpeending on clients request
    • Lubrication: Hydraulic oil supply.
    • This equipment has a different mixing impeller to choose for each type of product you may mix. Paddle,hook or whip.

    Applicable Range:

    Widely used for liquids, powder, paste mixing in food, medicine, chemical engineering manufacturing, etc. (Chocolate, cake, cookie, cream, etc.).


  • Laminating and sheeting line for Crackers and hard biscuits / View details

    The laminator is necessary for the making of soda crackers and other layered biscuit products. After sheeting, the deposit of sprinkling of fat/flour goes through the sheets of dough ( in case of cream crackers ); the dough will be then conveyed to the sheeting forming line machines machine for the creation of the crackers. The crackers made using the laminator show a clearly layered structure with a crispy flavor.

    • More layers of dough sheets can be laminated at a faster rate in an orderly manner and the width of the dough sheets can be easily adjusted. The operation is simple, convenient and intelligent; the machine can operate without any fault for a very long time.
    • The fat/flour sprinkler machine uses the brush roller to enhance the fat/flour sprinkling effect.
    • Continuous laminating, the number of layers and dough sheet thickness are adjustable.
    • The quantity and position in which the fat/flour is sprinkled are adjustable using the variable frequency speed regulating motor.
    • The sheeting and or reduciton of the final layers into a fomred sheet of correct thickness is contorlled via allen Bradley or Siemens PLC thru out the operation.

  • Sugar or Salt Topper / View details

    This equipment is for special flavor in biscuits. The biscuit can be sprayed with sugar, slat, sesame or other similar materials.

    It adapts to a spray belt, the system is average and easy to recycle.

    The quantity of spray can be adjusted through the transducer.

  • Wire-Cut / View details

    An advanced European production design and technique according with the technology of cookie production. With power of 3kw, servo motor, PLC control with touch screen and easy operation. The cookies are formed by wire-cut and then fall into a Sandvik steel strip which introduces them into the oven, making cookies of great quality according to international hygiene standards.

  • Rotaries / View details

    The rotary cutter machine is the forming device for making hard and soft biscuits. The dough sheets pass through the rotary cutter machine to make the biscuits, while the scrap dough will be conveyed to the hopper for recycling.

    • The pneumatic lifting pressure rubber roller is easy and convenient to operate.
    • The pressure between the rubber rollers and molds is adjustable. Identical pressure on both ends of the rollers enables even cutting of dough sheets.
    • The sprinting roller and cutting roller can be fine-tuned manually so the designs on the biscuits match exactly to the cutters, which are self-locked to improve the quality of the products.

  • Depositor for soft Cookies / View details

    An advanced European and  USA mixed production design and technique of engineering  in line with the technology of Soft cookie production. With power of 3kw, servo motor, PLC control with touch screen and easy operation. The cookies are formed by depositing on the baking band and with continuous moving head which introduces them into the oven, making cookies of great quality according to international hygiene standards.


  • Indirect Gas Fired Re-Circulating Band Oven / View details

    • Touch Screen with PLC Allen Bradley or Siemens control, Easy operation.
    • Gas System: Gas burners either Maxon or Weishaupt from Germany.
    • The heat dispersers in the chambers are located above and below the oven belt, temperature is maintained via modulating burner controls and dampers for air flow.
    • Inside the oven is made of Aluminized Steel of 14 gauge thickness allowing for better heat balance and dispersion.
    • Oven cover can be made by painted steel or caliber 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Direct Gas Fired Oven / View details

    This type of oven is able to produce high bake crackers to the softest cookies. It offers the Direct Gas Fire (DGF) burners using Ensign Ribbon burners mounted laterally above and below the band to apply the heat with turbulence available to speed up the bake if required.

    This latest design of DGF has been designed with the aid of sophisticated computer control systems to optimize the position of the mayor components i.e. burners, extraction ducts, and turbulence ducts. It manages the airflow and heat in each zone in order to give accurate and predictable control with no edge burning effects. Heat balancing is further enhanced with the use of Ensign multi-zone burners and constant flame system checks via flame control systems also offered via Ensign.

    Available in standard widths of one meter, 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters and custom widths.

  • Hybrid / View details

    Hybrid baking ovens consist of two types of baking systems, depending on client’s requests such as: direct fire with indirect forced air convection or direct with cyclo thermic radiant or indirect convection with cyclo thermic.

    It can also combine all three types: direct fire, indirect fire and special infra-red heat system for high temperature applications.

  • Oil Spray Machine / View details

    It is used to spray oil to the surface of baked biscuits coming out of the oven so the biscuits may acquire good color and flavor. It comes with a high speed dish which turns oil into fan oil mist for even and perfect spraying. After going through the oil spray machine, the biscuits go through the oil filter to have the excess oil recycled.

    • The speed of the dish is subject to variable frequency control, the amount of oil can be easily adjusted and the oil is sprayed evenly.
    • Made of Stainless Steel.
    • The oil sump tank is in charge of a main intermediate water bath. There are multiple layers of filtering meshes to ensure stable quality of the oil.
    • A cleaning pipe is provided at the lower part of the machine to flush the oil tak using oil (water = difficult cleaning which is why oil is better for the cleaning of the machine).
    • The base plate at the lower part of the machine adopts the inclined design so the oil and biscuits slide down into the oil sump tank rapidly, making it convenient to clean the oil sump tank.

  • Cooling Conveyor / View details

    The cooling conveyor is used for normal cooling. Made from Stainless Steel structures of proper strength, the cooling conveyor is structurally simple and compact. The whole machine is stronge and stable and is easy to install and remove.

    • The conveyor belt is adjusted automatically.
    • Equipped with an anti-reversing device for the biscuits.
    • The support structure counts with diamond shaped supporting arm for the accumulation of dust and is also easy to clean.
    • The conveyor belt’s tension comes synchronized with the action of the gears in both sides, left and right and of auto deflection in the front and back parts.


  • LB1200 Stacker / View details

    The biscuit stacking machine accepts the biscuits from the cooling conveyor, forms them into lanes, stacks them on edge through the star wheel device and conveys them to the packing conveyor.

    • Equipped with the biscuit receiver which conveys them towards the stacking machine rapidly, evenly and accurately.
    • The guide is made of stainless steel with magnetic locator, making it convenient to adjust the clearance quickly.
    • The arc design at the end of the slide plate can prevent rolling when the biscuits slide down from the conveyor.

  • H360 On Edge Tray less packing Machine / View details

    Suitable for packing several pieces of biscuits into one package without tray. Applicable for biscuits of square, round, oval and other shapes.

    • The design of the structure is simple and appropriate. Its operation and adjustment.
    • Long seal device that consists of 3 pairs of draw wheels, which ensures high speed, stability and beautiful sealing.
    • Special tray-free tubing conveying mechanism, stable and reliable.
    • Automatic feeding device able to take the packaging items into the machine accurately.
    • Packaging size can be adjusted easily and quickly.
    • Adopts PC control, reduces the mechanical contacting points and makes the system more stable and reliable.
    • Frequency control makes the operation easy and simple. Adopts photoelectric sensor to test the color mark, non-contact control, two-way tracing.

  • Biscuit Sandwiching machine and optional Packing Machines / View details

    The BME, LLC two and four row Sandwich machines are highly accurate in their speeds and filling tpyes.  The machine is capable of single, double, triple andup to 4 and 6 rows of cookies across the machine. Furtherore we are able to do dual colors, dual filling such as cream and jam and also three buscuits with two fillings.  Alkong with speeds of up to 1600 a minute on two row machines and 3200 a minute on 4 row machines, we are able to multiply rows for cooling tunnels and or chooclate enrobing along with auto grouping and loading into flow wrappers and or slug wrappers.

  • 8m Packing Conveyor JB1200 Model / View details

    Used to verify de quality of the cookie before being packed.