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  • Dough Pump and Conveying Machine / View details

    Based on twin-screw extruding principle, the dough pump exhausts air and conveys dough, which becomes more compact and uniform without large holes and the machine plays a better role in high-quality products such as bread and hamburger.

    Conveying machine sends the dough bars to be extruded by the paste pump to the splitting and rolling machine through the conveyor belt.

  • Automatic Plate Arranging Machine / View details

    Plate arranging machine connects with products made by splitting and rolling machine. It shapes them according to requirement with help of upper/lower pressers and automatically arrays them into the plates before high-pressure air enters the paste in order to realize the precise arrangement of pastes. The machine is highly efficient and saves labor forces, which is applicable to the arrangement of paste into circular, square and bar types.

  • Sesame Spreading Machine / View details

    Automatic spreading machine that evenly distributes the product, thus saving labor forces, production capacity can be up to 20,000 pieces per hour.

  • Plate Cleaning Machine / View details

    It is an automatic winding machine, which has a specialized development for the automatic removal of residue. This equipment can efficiently remove de sesame residue from the plates, effective in reducing de manual cleaning of the oven.

    Installed in the production line, it is capable of automatically cleaning sesame residue from the plates, thus saving manual labor.

  • Automatic Bread Striper / View details

    The bread is baked directly from the tray and then it is pulled out and introduced into the conveying line towards the cooling conveyer line.

    The use of the striper does not only improve the efficiency, but it also favors the rate of the finished products; which reduces the loss caused by manual stripping; largely increasing the service life of the plates and saves a lot of manufacturing costs.

  • Electric Type Tunnel Oven / View details

    The product has developed based on advanced Japanese technology, which is applicable to series manufacturing of large food and baking enterprises; its complexity is better incorporated in the performance in the automatic line production. It’s capable of adjusting the temperature, de baking time and it has the function of formula storage.

    The structure of the oven’s tunnel is made with stainless steel with separate upper/lower fire control and is capable of adjusting the upper/lower temperature separately ranging from 0°C to 300°C. It adapts the temperature-gradient method to compensate its influence on the factory grid during its initiation.

    The oven uses German electrical elements (Siemens).

    It is the only product that adapts to the circulated air design, which makes the color and toast of the products look more uniform and it also save electricity.

  • Automatic Oven In/Out System and Conveying Line / View details

    The automatic system of entry sends the fermented dough to the over, which increases the productivity, saving manual labor and the equipment is necessary in line production.

    The automatic system of exit connects with the oven’s tunnel, which sends the baked product directly to the next procedure.

    We provide services in the manufacturing of various lineal and elbow conveying machines for food factories, and not only do our designs improve the automation greatly, but it also saves a great space in the production area.

    The conveyer is divided into 3 types:

    1. Stainless Steel Mesh Belt Conveying Machine
    2. Daicel Link Joint Conveying Machine
    3. Chain Type Conveying Machine.

  • Fermentation Chambers / View details

    The proofers not only have good insulation properties, but they also have the most advanced testing methods and its useful lifespan is of about 20 years.