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  • Direct Fire Oven KL1200 Model / View details

    Baking machinery from the cookie line, baking cookies through thermal radiation, these ending up with great taste and color.

  • Indirect Gas Fired Re-Circulating Band Oven / View details

    • Touch Screen with PLC Allen Bradley or Siemens control, Easy operation.
    • Gas System: Gas burners either Maxon or Weishaupt from Germany.
    • The heat dispersers in the chambers are located above and below the oven belt, temperature is maintained via modulating burner controls and dampers for air flow.
    • Inside the oven is made of Aluminized Steel of 14 gauge thickness allowing for better heat balance and dispersion.
    • Oven cover can be made by painted steel or caliber 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Direct Gas Fired Oven / View details

    This type of oven is able to produce high bake crackers to the softest cookies. It offers the Direct Gas Fire (DGF) burners using Ensign Ribbon burners mounted laterally above and below the band to apply the heat with turbulence available to speed up the bake if required.

    This latest design of DGF has been designed with the aid of sophisticated computer control systems to optimize the position of the mayor components i.e. burners, extraction ducts, and turbulence ducts. It manages the airflow and heat in each zone in order to give accurate and predictable control with no edge burning effects. Heat balancing is further enhanced with the use of Ensign multi-zone burners and constant flame system checks via flame control systems also offered via Ensign.

    Available in standard widths of one meter, 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters and custom widths.

  • Hybrid / View details

    Hybrid baking ovens consist of two types of baking systems, depending on client’s requests such as: direct fire with indirect forced air convection or direct with cyclo thermic radiant or indirect convection with cyclo thermic.

    It can also combine all three types: direct fire, indirect fire and special infra-red heat system for high temperature applications.