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Cooling Conveyors

  • 1200mm Spiral Conveyor / View details

    1200mm loop conveyer 1200mm wide x 100m large, used for cooling the cookies.

    The new spiral cooling tower type brings the change of cost with constant function and changed structure, which finally causes the change of profits and makes middle and small sized food plants able to afford to buy and use it.

  • Cooling Conveyor / View details

    The cooling conveyor is used for normal cooling. Made from Stainless Steel structures of proper strength, the cooling conveyor is structurally simple and compact. The whole machine is stronge and stable and is easy to install and remove.

    • The conveyor belt is adjusted automatically.
    • Equipped with an anti-reversing device for the biscuits.
    • The support structure counts with diamond shaped supporting arm for the accumulation of dust and is also easy to clean.
    • The conveyor belt’s tension comes synchronized with the action of the gears in both sides, left and right and of auto deflection in the front and back parts.