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  • Jelly Candy Production Line / View details

    This line produces exclusively high quality jelly candy, and in high-operation.

    This line works incredibly and provides stable speed.

    The complete line includes the cooking system, pouring system, candy conveying system, powder manager and powder recycling system.

    The shape of the jelly candy is selected by the costumers, which is reflected by obtaining the best production effect and bigger production capacity through our special design of the machine.


  • Sweet Roll Packing / View details

    This machine is used to pack rounded candy or tablets in a stick. In the world of packing machinery this machine is the most advanced that there is at the moment.

    1. Inspection control with photo-electric scan
    2. Automatic Multi-functional alarm system. Information breakdown making the machine stop automatically.
    3. Automatic Feeding System: Vibrating supply.
    4. Paper feeding system driven by a Servo motor.
    5. Automatic code printing system.
    6. Multi-use simple or double packing system.