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Lamining and Sheeting

  • 500DL Dough Tilting Machine / View details

    System used to turn dough on feeding hopper.


  • 700MS Automatic Feeding Machine / View details

    Auto feeding system mainly used for portioning dough into small pieces and send them to the feeding machine. (3 roll laminator).

  • 1200EZ Pressing Roll / View details

    Designed for hard biscuits dough sheeting thickness

  • 1200SH Dough Resting Machine / View details

    Arranged to be between roller and rotary cutter thickness, adjusts tightness in dough.

  • 1200GQ Rotary Cutter / View details

    Designed for cutting doughto form shape and patterns of hard biscuit.

  • Recycling Device SZ1200 / View details

    It is designed to recycle the waste and to feed soft cookie dough.

  • Laminating and sheeting line for Crackers and hard biscuits / View details

    The laminator is necessary for the making of soda crackers and other layered biscuit products. After sheeting, the deposit of sprinkling of fat/flour goes through the sheets of dough ( in case of cream crackers ); the dough will be then conveyed to the sheeting forming line machines machine for the creation of the crackers. The crackers made using the laminator show a clearly layered structure with a crispy flavor.

    • More layers of dough sheets can be laminated at a faster rate in an orderly manner and the width of the dough sheets can be easily adjusted. The operation is simple, convenient and intelligent; the machine can operate without any fault for a very long time.
    • The fat/flour sprinkler machine uses the brush roller to enhance the fat/flour sprinkling effect.
    • Continuous laminating, the number of layers and dough sheet thickness are adjustable.
    • The quantity and position in which the fat/flour is sprinkled are adjustable using the variable frequency speed regulating motor.
    • The sheeting and or reduciton of the final layers into a fomred sheet of correct thickness is contorlled via allen Bradley or Siemens PLC thru out the operation.

  • Sugar or Salt Topper / View details

    This equipment is for special flavor in biscuits. The biscuit can be sprayed with sugar, slat, sesame or other similar materials.

    It adapts to a spray belt, the system is average and easy to recycle.

    The quantity of spray can be adjusted through the transducer.

  • Oil Spray Machine / View details

    It is used to spray oil to the surface of baked biscuits coming out of the oven so the biscuits may acquire good color and flavor. It comes with a high speed dish which turns oil into fan oil mist for even and perfect spraying. After going through the oil spray machine, the biscuits go through the oil filter to have the excess oil recycled.

    • The speed of the dish is subject to variable frequency control, the amount of oil can be easily adjusted and the oil is sprayed evenly.
    • Made of Stainless Steel.
    • The oil sump tank is in charge of a main intermediate water bath. There are multiple layers of filtering meshes to ensure stable quality of the oil.
    • A cleaning pipe is provided at the lower part of the machine to flush the oil tak using oil (water = difficult cleaning which is why oil is better for the cleaning of the machine).
    • The base plate at the lower part of the machine adopts the inclined design so the oil and biscuits slide down into the oil sump tank rapidly, making it convenient to clean the oil sump tank.

  • Biscuit Sandwiching machine and optional Packing Machines / View details

    The BME, LLC two and four row Sandwich machines are highly accurate in their speeds and filling tpyes.  The machine is capable of single, double, triple andup to 4 and 6 rows of cookies across the machine. Furtherore we are able to do dual colors, dual filling such as cream and jam and also three buscuits with two fillings.  Alkong with speeds of up to 1600 a minute on two row machines and 3200 a minute on 4 row machines, we are able to multiply rows for cooling tunnels and or chooclate enrobing along with auto grouping and loading into flow wrappers and or slug wrappers.