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  • Compound Balance Belt / View details

    These belts are a variation of the balanced weave belts. The process consists on alternating left and right hand of the compressed spiral weave to create a very tight weave with a flat surface. They are generally assembled with a straight connecting rod, and are available on limited specifications with a crimped connecting rod.


    CB = Compound Balance

    3 = 3 cross rods per spiral

    30 = 30 loops per foot width per spiral

    72 = 72 spirals per foot length

    14 = 14 gauge wire (0.080″ diameter)

    Closer nesting of spirals which make this belt ideal for carrying small parts, such as: nuts, screws, nails, cookies, etc.

  • Chain Drive Belt / View details

    Mesh belts with chain attached to each edge for direct drive. The chain can be attached by rods passing through the mesh. The mesh will be determined by the smallest part size.

    Most common meshes are balanced weave mesh, woven to suit in the support space.

    • Applications: ovens, quench tanks, washers, dryers, freezers, etc.
    • Features: Chain Edged for direct drive. Open meshes or tight dense meshes. Side plates and Cross flights available.
    • Temperature Range: -55°C-1150°C
    • Materials: Carbon Steel, Galvanized Mild Steel, Stainless Steel.

  • Roller Chain / View details

    We make and supply all kind of standard and non-standard roller chains for many industries, such as: SS2040, SS2042, SS2050, SS2052, SS2060, SS2062, SS2080, SS2082, etc. and material from carbon steel to stainless steel.

    Besides, we can make and supply custom made roller chains if you have special needs.