H360 On Edge Tray less packing Machine

  • H360 On Edge Tray less packing Machine
  • H360 On Edge Tray less packing Machine

Product description:

Suitable for packing several pieces of biscuits into one package without tray. Applicable for biscuits of square, round, oval and other shapes.

  • The design of the structure is simple and appropriate. Its operation and adjustment.
  • Long seal device that consists of 3 pairs of draw wheels, which ensures high speed, stability and beautiful sealing.
  • Special tray-free tubing conveying mechanism, stable and reliable.
  • Automatic feeding device able to take the packaging items into the machine accurately.
  • Packaging size can be adjusted easily and quickly.
  • Adopts PC control, reduces the mechanical contacting points and makes the system more stable and reliable.
  • Frequency control makes the operation easy and simple. Adopts photoelectric sensor to test the color mark, non-contact control, two-way tracing.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacity: 20-100 packs/min
  • Bag size:
    • L 100-240mm
    • W 40-80mm
    • H 40-70mm
  • Dimensions: 4,100*965mm
  • Feeding Section: 3,100*370mm
  • Power: 4.1kw
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Weight:  1,500kg
  • Packing Material: Any heat-melt-cut sealing materials such as paper, PE, OPP, Aluminum.