1200FL Separating Machine

  • 1200FL Separating Machine
  • 1200FL Separating Machine

Product description:

Designed for separating the unbaked biscuit and the scrap

Technical specifications:


  • Pneumatic separating.
  • Separate motors for upper and lower conveyors.
  • Working width: 1200mm
  • Dimensions: 6500X2130X1500
  • Q235 carbon steel borders, thickness of 18mm chrome surface, hardness of HRC58-62.
  • Q235 carbon steel conveyor structure, thickness of 15mm,chromed surface.
  • SUS 304 supporting plate
  • Driving roll diameter:Ø215, covered with oil-proof and food grade rubber.
  • 0.9mm Germany brand PU belt
  • Pneumatic tension and deviation by German cylinder.
  • 1.5mm SUS304 cover
  • SEW motor and speed reducer, frequency control of speed.
  • Digital display of speed.
  • Emergency switch installed.
  • Perfect cable arrangement with aluminum alloy cable boxes.
  • SCHNEIDER control apparatus.
  • NSK bearing.