Vertical Mixer Model XB-300L

  • Vertical Mixer Model XB-300L
  • Vertical Mixer Model XB-300L
  • Vertical Mixer Model XB-300L

Product description:


  • Made from Stainless Steel T 304, which meets all international hygiene standards.
  • Interface operation: English display of simple operation.
  • It can adapt to the different product requirements due to the fact that stirring speed and time can be adjusted.
  • It has the advantage of homogeneous mixing, the low increase in temperature and a great mixing velocity.
  • It has an excellent capacity of adaptation to material because the mixing bowl can be sealed and so reducing the pressure or increasing the mass inflating.
  • It not only reduces the material loss and environmental pollution, but it also greatly improves the working environment.
  • Electrical Components: Mitsubishi, Delta, allen  Bradley, siemens dpeending on clients request
  • Lubrication: Hydraulic oil supply.
  • This equipment has a different mixing impeller to choose for each type of product you may mix. Paddle,hook or whip.

Applicable Range:

Widely used for liquids, powder, paste mixing in food, medicine, chemical engineering manufacturing, etc. (Chocolate, cake, cookie, cream, etc.).


Technical specifications:

  • Power: 20kw
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Dimensions: 18200*1160*3150mm
  • Total Mass: 2100kg
  • Control Mode: PLC Univentor
  • Product Specification: Paste, liquid, powder.